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Gippsland International Student Tours is a private Australian business that tries to provide International Students with fun learning about Community Contact.

Community Contact with our tours will offer International Students -

· practice at English, 

· visits around Gippsland countryside

· Australian food experiences

· Meeting local people

· Finding possible business partners

Our company has expert knowledge in local travel and Community Contact

Professor Murray Cree is the Project Leader of our program of regional tours.

In conjunction with Travel Plus Warragul who have been serving the Gippsland traveler for 40 years.

Distinctive Destinations

Opportunities to see distinctive Australian scenery and animals.  See local industry from the past and present.  Learn about customs and understand the social environment of Australia and Australians.

Bringing together students

Meet new people from around the globe experiencing studying in Australia.  Fun interactive day within a learning framework.

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